Betting On A Racecourse

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Betting On A Racecourse

Most people like to enjoy a little (or large) flutter when they go racing as it adds to the enjoyment of the day. Who knows, you may even make a few quid and pay for your day out.

There are a few ways of doing this 

On-Course Bookmakers

You will find On-Course Bookmakers immediately in front of the grandstand and also on the rails dividing the members/club enclosure from the other enclosures. Prices/odds are displayed on an electronic board which will also display the name of the bookmaker. Whatever your fancy, make sure you shop around as the odds may differ between bookmakers. Most bookmakers nowadays will accept a bet of £2 to win or £2 each way. Make sure you are clear about what you want to do and check the ticket given to you. In the event of dispute, the transaction has been recorded. Despite historical stereotypes, bookmakers are friendly and above all, honest.

The starting price (SP) returned to betting shops and published in the newspapers etc is returned from the betting ring and represents the last price bet on each of the runners.

The Tote

There are Tote windows all around the racecourse. There are several different types of bet that can be done on the Tote and I have explained these elsewhere. Personally, I tend not to use the Tote but as I understand it, the minimum bet is also £2

On Course Betting Shop

This is precisely the same principle as a betting shop on your high street. You can bet at all horse racing meetings taking place that day.


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